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In this course we will work on the skills to help you make a better photo. Have you ever wondered why some photos have more impact than others? Or how it is that several photographers can be standing shoulder to shoulder photographing the exact same scene and yet one of those photographers will have captured a shot that will grab you while the others are just ... ordinary at best. We will be covering some of the core compositional principals that you can use to design your images and give them more visual appeal.

How will you frame your subject? When we take a picture we look through the viewfinder and frame the world in that rectangle. Sometimes the influence of the viewfinder is very subtle and sometimes much more insistent and challenging. We will teach you effective ways to compose and frame your photos and make deliberate decisions about your compositions.

This Creative Composition class concentrates on composition and design skills to help you find and articulate your photographic vision.


  • Revealing your vision with image design
  • About artistic vision
  • Myths and truths about creativity
  • Stages of the creative process


  • Dividing the frame
  • Rule of thirds
  • Symmetry
  • Orientation - horizontal/vertical
  • Composing in camera vs. cropping


  • A DSLR is helpful but not required for this course.
  • To get the most from this course, you will need to shoot new photos using the lesson materials.


  • On the course start date you will receive an email reminder when the lesson and assignment becomes available on the website.
  • This course includes two comprehensive lessons in PDF format with detailed instructions and assignments. You will have two weeks including two weekends to work on each assignment.
  • After completing the assignment you will upload your photos to the website.
  • Your instructor reviews your photos and offers constructive comments.
  • You can ask questions and discuss ideas with your classmates and instructors along the way in a private forum.

Course Overview
Price: $89

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