Learn to take great photos


One full month with 2 Lessons and 2 assignments

In this class we will dig into advanced camera settings and controls with an emphasis on using them creatively. We will cover creative uses of aperture and shutter speed as well as many of the supporting functions of your DSLR camera. Not only will we discuss the settings but how they are used practically while shooting to make great photos. Our DSLR Photography 101 class or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course. This class is suitable for intermediate level photographers and will take you the next mile down the road with getting the most out of your camera and polishing your shooting techniques.

In the first lesson we are going to dig into creative uses of aperture and depth of field. A creative use of depth of field is perhaps the main characteristic of professional photographs. In some images depth of field can be used to isolate and showcase the subject while in others front to back sharpness can create a breathtaking landscape worthy of a postcard or calendar.

In the second lesson we will explore creative uses of shutter speed. We will concentrate primarily slow shutter speeds which give us the opportunity for some beautiful motion blur effects. These camera handling and shooting techniques will also teach you an alternative way of photographing in low light situations where freezing fast action is not possible.

As we work through both lessons we will be exploring and fine tuning other camera controls and how to use them to get the best photos possible.


  • Creative uses of aperture
  • Shallow depth of field
  • Maximum depth of field
  • Interpreting the histogram
  • Using the highlight warning
  • Exposure compensation
  • White balance


  • Creative uses of shutter speed
  • Panning
  • Still scene, moving subject
  • Camera control
  • Drive speed
  • Metering modes and techniques
  • Focus point selection


  • DSLR Photography 101 class or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course. You must have a complete working knowledge of shooting in aperture and shutter priority exposure modes. Please take the DSLR 101 course first if you have any doubt.
  • This course is for DSLR users only.
  • You will need to have your camera manual handy for this class.
  • You may not use previously shot work for this course.
  • Please note this class does not cover manual exposure. If you would like to learn about manual exposure then please consider our Understanding Manual Exposure class.


  • You will receive the first lesson on the course start date.
  • This class includes two comprehensive lessons in PDF format with detailed instructions and two assignments. You will have two weeks including two weekends to work on each assignment.
  • After completing each assignment you will upload your photos to the website.
  • Your instructor reviews your photos and offers constructive comments.
  • You can ask questions and discuss ideas with your teachers and classmates.

Course Overview
Price: $89
Includes 2 lessons & 2 assignments
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