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Liberty is the state of being free with the power to do as one pleases without any kind of restraints or control. The horse at liberty is in its most authentic and powerful state. In this course we will work with photographing all kinds of free horses in their pastures and natural environments at rest and play without the influence of people. This course will focus on lighting, composition and seeing creatively.

We find that being creative with horse photography means letting go of preconceived ideas about horses. Let the horses do what they will. Keep your eyes open for the moments of communication between horses. Watch for the goofy or offbeat things that they do. Many moments that will make awesome photos are not scripted or beautiful. Many students have commented how much they have enjoyed becoming part of the herd and photographing horses this way. It is our favorite way to photograph horses!


  • Learning to see horses creatively
  • Seeing and working with the light
  • Effective composition and image design
  • Observing and capturing herd interactions
  • Shots that work of horse behaviors like grazing, rolling, scratching and playing
  • How to take a backlit photo
  • Camera settings and shooting techniques


  • You need access to free horses in a pasture or similar environment
  • You need to be willing to go out into the pasture, early and/or late in the day and spend some time with the horses.
  • A DSLR camera is helpful but not required for this course
  • To get the most from this course, you will need to shoot new photos using the lesson materials.


  • On the course start date you will receive an email reminder when the lesson and assignment becomes available on the website.
  • This short course includes one comprehensive lesson in PDF format with detailed instructions and an assignment. You will have two weeks including two weekends to work on your assignment.
  • After completing the assignment you will upload your photos to the website.
  • Your instructor reviews your photos and offers constructive comments.
  • You can ask questions and discuss ideas with your classmates.

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