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What camera do you need for photographing horses?

Basic Digital Camera Settings for Horses

What is the difference between a DSLR and a Point & Shoot camera?

Lens Selection - What's the difference?

What is the difference between RAW and Jpeg?

How to resize a photo for the web with Photoshop Elements

Free Photoshop Actions for web images

VIDEO TUTORIAL How to crop a photo
This Photoshop tutorial shows how to crop a photo using the Crop tool.

VIDEO TUTORIAL A little talk about histograms
This video explains a little about histograms and how to use them to evaluate your exposures.

VIDEO TUTORIAL How to set exposure compensation
This video explains how to set exposure compensation and some insight into how it affects your exposure and your histogram.

How to get a blurred background in your photos

Using a circular polarizer filter to enhance skies

How to fix red eye in a horse with Photoshop

How to resize a photo for the web with Nikon View

How to avoid blurry photos caused by camera shake

Understanding metering modes

Taking Autumn Photos on Rainy Days

Photographing Holiday Light Displays

Photographing the Full Moon

Mirror Reflection Photography


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