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Beautiful Web Images!
Here is a free set of Photoshop Elements 7 actions that will help you create beautiful images for the web.

What is an action? An action is a series of tasks that Photoshop performs with a click of a button. Photoshop comes with a set of actions and you can also create your own actions. We have created a set of basic actions to help you prepare your images for the web.
  • This set includes:
  • Resize to 600 pixels horizonal
  • Resize to 600 pixels vertical
  • Resize to 800 pixels horizonal
  • Resize to 800 pixels vertical
  • Unsharp Mask for low resolution web images (use after resizing)
  • Convert to sRBG color space - looks best on the web
How to run an action in Photoshop Elements 7
In the Editor with the Guided tab selected, make sure that Automated Actions is expanded and then click Action Player.
In Step 1, choose the action set named LearnToTakePhotos from the menu.
In Step 2, select the action you want to run.
Click Play Action.

Right click on this link, choose "Save Target As" and save the the .atn file to the one of the following locations:
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\7.0\Locale\en_US\Workflow Panels\actions

Vista C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\7.0\Locale\en_US\Workflow Panels\actions

The next time you start Photoshop Elements, the action will appear in the Automated Actions guided edit menu.


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