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Image Quality - Which should you choose Raw or Jpeg? Raw allows for greater manipulation after the fact. Jpeg images are already processed in camera; you have limited ability to manipulate the image afterwards in photo editing software.

Raw - In a nutshell, Raw means the camera has recorded all the raw data from the scene. It has not made any changes to the data, it has merely stored all the camera settings in the file header. It has kept track of the ISO, shutter speed, aperture setting, white balance and all other camera settings at the time of capture. Later, in photo editing software you can manipulate most of those settings. Let's say for example, you had the incorrect white balance setting on your camera and now you have a photo that has a terrible colour cast. No problem, open the photo in your Raw converter and change the white balance. It's that easy.

Jpeg - When you shoot in Jpeg mode the camera is processing the image in camera and you cannot make the same changes to an image after the fact like you could in Raw. Jpeg files are much smaller in size because they are being compressed by your camera software. Bits and pieces of your image data are literally being tossed away to accommodate this. Most times Jpeg images are perfectly fine. If you are getting into tricky lighting situations, it may be a good time to at least try shooting in Raw just so you can see the difference. If you are going to shoot in Jpeg, make sure you have the best quality selected in your camera's settings.

Which should you choose? - The answer is it depends on how much time you have to spend post processing your images and what software you have at your disposal.


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