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The amazing colors of autumn come with lots of atmosphere. Literally! It rains in autumn which is a wonderful thing. On rainy days the light is soft and diffused and the wet foliage is intensely colorful. The low contrast that you find on rainy days is perfect for maximum color saturation in your images. Once you get started taking photos on drizzly days in autumn you will be looking forward to rain in the weather forecast!

For most drizzly, light rain conditions you can easily get by with a golf umbrella. We get the windproof golf umbrellas from Walmart. You can stick the handle of the umbrella in your pocket, hold the shaft in the crook of your arm and shoot to your heart's content. For more intense conditions we use the Aquatech Sports Shield but 99% of the time the golf umbrella is the rain gear of choice.

Low light means slow shutter speeds. This means you will more than likely need your tripod. Remember the rule of thumb for handholding is that you need a shutter speed equal to 1/focal length of your lens. So for a 70-200mm lens you need 1/200th shutter speed to handhold without camera shake (a little faster is better).

Rainy day and overcast images taken Autumn 2009 by Christina Handley in Ontario Canada and Laura Cotterman in Virginia.


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