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Self Directed Tutorial
Sunset Silhouettes - Materials only
This tutorial includes the course materials only for our Silhouettes course. This tutorial is for self-directed learning with no instructor, assignment or critique. For the instructor taught version of this course click here.

Silhouettes are one of the most fun and instantly gratifying photos to make. They are wonderfully bold, colorful and expressive, distilling design into the elements of color and shape. You will learn to how to shoot these inspiring images and add impact to your photo collection.

Silhouettes are almost universally compelling. People LOVE them. There is definitely some magic in the combination of shape and color as simple, clean design elements. Silhouettes are dramatic and elicit a passionate response. These images will make an excellent addition to your portfolio.

This tutorial is not just limited to sunsets. It covers a variety of ways to make these beautiful photos. This tutorial is not super technical. It is lots of fun to shoot silhouettes and they are very creative.
This course includes two PDF lessons with 23+ pages of information and examples.


  • Sunset & Sunrise Silhouettes
  • Human and animal models, still life, trees and shapes that work for silhouettes
  • Finding and scouting locations
  • What makes a beautiful sky
  • Choosing the right lens, focal length
  • Color, shape and form as design elements
  • Technicals, metering and exposure
  • Dealing with the "fireball" of the sun
  • Common mistakes to avoid


  • Doorway and window silhouettes
  • Barn doorways, garage doorways
  • Being an actor
  • Posing your subject
  • How to make self-portraits
  • Adding props to tell a story
  • Using framing

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