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Making Photo Collages
Learn to make beautiful collages from your photos in Photoshop! We'll teach you how to make different kinds of awesome collages and poster prints from your photos. Share your photos with family, friends and business contacts in a finished print that you will be proud of. Be amazed at how your photos come to life and tell a story in a collage.

Making collages and posters is lots of fun. All too often photos wind up sitting on your computer's hard drive being unseen and unappreciated. Putting them into a finished display and hanging them on the wall will motivate and inspire you.

If you are a pro, you can make some excellent value added products to offer your clients. You can also use some of these ideas for vanity display pieces for your studio or office.

This tutorial covers the blended collage or photomontage where several photos are composited into one final image.
  • Photo selection and design tips
  • Blended collages
  • Setting up your Photoshop document
  • Working in layers
  • Using layer masks
  • Adding text and quotations to your collage
  • Font selection
  • Printing your collage for final presentation
This tutorial also includes instructions, how-to video and templates for making photo frame collage posters. Photo posters are much easier to make than blended collages. They are a totally different effect and they have lots of room for added graphics and text.

This tutorial includes 14 pages of instructions and examples, 4 how-to videos and downloadable photo frame poster templates.

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