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Horse Photography Series - Save $50

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Created by veteran equine photographers Christina Handley and Laura Cotterman you will get the benefit of years of professional experience. Our work is widely published in equine and lifestyle magazines, catalogs, calendars and advertising campaigns. We both shot horse shows professionally for a number of years too.
  • Horse Headshots - a headshot is a portrait of a horse. Like all portraits it needs to be captivating and expressive. The material covers the differences in capturing these shots with plenty of specifics to help you get great results.
  • The Eye of the Horse - capture all the depth and beauty that the horses eyes have to offer. This covers different lens effects and how to control your focus precisely and get sharp critical focus. You'll learn which settings to use and important shooting techniques, as well as composition and design techniques for these unique, compelling photos.
  • The Horse at Liberty - The horse at liberty is in its most authentic and powerful state. This will have you observing and capturing herd interactions. The material will focus on seeing and working with the light. It will get you thinking more creatively and composing more effectively.
  • Horses and Humans - horses and people have many kinds of relationships. Everything is possible from the meticulously prepared performance horse and rider to a child and her first pony to a cowboy and ranch horse used for working cattle. This covers setting up your shot and posing tips and well as which camera settings to use and important shooting techniques.
  • Horse Action Shots - this covers horses in motion both under saddle and running free. It covers timing and camera angles for classic shots. You'll learn which settings to use and important shooting techniques for freezing fast action for those crisp, sharp action photos and the creative use of motion blur for making more artistic images with implied motion.
  • The Horse Over Fences - this covers getting traditional shots of hunters, jumpers and eventers. You'll learn where to stand, how to compose your shots and the timing you need to capture the peak of the action. Suitable for aspiring horse show photographers too.
This bundle includes 8 lessons in PDF format. Purchased separately these tutorials have a value of $119, buy the bundle and save $40.

A point and shoot camera can be used for some lessons but a DSLR camera and a telephoto lens is needed for most. Please read the individual course descriptions for all the details.

This tutorial series includes the course materials only. These tutorials are for self-directed learning with no instructor, assignment or critique. For the instructor taught version of these courses click here.

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