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Take your photography to the next level. This digital photography series covers shooting in Aperture and Shutter Priority modes as well as Manual Exposure mode. You will learn to make those creative choices to get the picture you imagined. Take control of your camera.

We have poured our years of experience into this series of DSLR how-to courses. In just three classes you will have the experience and knowledge to get off Auto modes and get consistently good photos from sports action to portraits and everything in between. We cover all the bases for outdoor natural light photography.

After taking this series you will know how to shoot in a variety of conditions, have confidence in your skills and take photos that you are proud to show off to your family and friends.

Digital Photography Series:

Includes three tutorials which include lessons in PDF format and companion videos. You can learn at your own pace and have access to all the materials instantly. There is no teacher or assignments with the tutorial version.

You get 6 lesson PDFs and 6 companion videos in this series.

  • DSLR Photography 101 - learn what all those controls, dials and settings on your camera are for. This course explains f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO and lots more. We'll explain how to get sharp, well exposed photos in a variety of conditions.
  • DSLR Photography 201 - this covers creative uses of aperture and shutter speed as well as many of the supporting functions of your DSLR camera. Not only are the settings discussed but how they are used practically while shooting to make great photos.
  • Understanding Manual Exposure - this covers manual exposure for standard exposures and also for tricky exposures like high contrast or snow scenes. Shooting in manual will help you understand exposure and make you a better photographer. In manual mode, you are the boss. This is a wonderful skill to have when you want to handle exposure very precisely.

This tutorial series includes the course materials only for our DSLR Photography 101, 201 and Understanding Manual Exposure courses. These tutorials are for self-directed learning with no instructor, assignment or critique. For the instructor taught version of these courses click here.
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