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Art Photography Prompts - Set 1
This is the first set of art photography prompts from our Art Photography Daily group on Jan 1 thru 5. Creative prompts include some photography, some Photoshop and some art. These were created to inspire you on your creative journey with your photography. This set contains 5 prompts.

What is a prompt? Think of a prompt as an in-depth tip. These are much more than a one word theme or idea. They have meat! For some example prompts please visit this page.
  • Letters- Fun with the alphabet in your photography
  • No Looking- Break free of the viewfinder
  • Ditch-o-Graphy - Find opportunity along side the road
  • Shoot and Use a Texture - Your own unique texture effects
  • Sky Backgrounds - Using the sky as your canvas

Each prompt has a PDF with some ideas and examples.

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