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Self Directed Tutorial
DSLR Photography 101 - Course Materials Only
This tutorial includes the course materials only for our DSLR Photography 101 course. This tutorial is for self-directed learning with no instructor, assignment or critique. For the instructor taught version of this course click here.

Learn what all those controls, dials and settings on your DSLR camera are for. This course explains f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO and lots more. We'll explain how to get sharp, well exposed photos in a variety of conditions. This course covers all the basics for getting off Auto modes and understanding how to take more creative photographs with your DSLR camera. Suitable for beginners or anyone else that wants to learn more about camera controls and techniques. This tutorial includes two lessons in PDF format.


  • Lens Selection - wide angle, telephoto, zoom lens, prime lens, lens speed
  • How exposure works -ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed
  • Aperture Priority - depth of field, creative uses
  • RAW vs. Jpeg - which setting to use and when
  • White balance - color temperature, color cast
  • One shot/Single auto focus mode
  • Metering modes - Spot, Center weighted, Matrix, Evaluative


  • Shutter Priority - freezing action, panning, showing movement
  • Servo/Continuous auto focus mode
  • How to use motor drive effectively
  • Manual mode - complete control
  • Exposure Compensation - when to use it
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