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Self Directed Tutorial
Horses in Action - Materials Only
This tutorial includes the course materials only for our Horses in Action course. This tutorial is for self-directed learning with no instructor, assignment or critique. For the instructor taught version of this course click here.

Learn to take great photos of horses in action! In this tutorial you will learn how to take pictures of horses in motion both under saddle and running free. You'll learn which settings to use and important shooting techniques, all explained in easy to understand plain language. The course covers freezing fast action for crisp, sharp action photos and the creative use of motion blur for making more artistic images with implied motion.


  • Freezing fast action
  • Timing and camera angles for classic shots
  • Shooting the horse under saddle
  • Shooting the horse running free
  • Camera settings and shooting techniques for freezing action
  • How to focus your camera


  • Implied motion, creative use of motion blur
  • Learning how to take a panning shot
  • Getting artistic with your shots
  • Choosing a good background
  • Camera settings and shooting techniques for implied motion

This course includes two PDF lessons with 15+ pages of information and examples. This tutorial is for DSLR camera users.

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