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Improve your winter photography! Winter has lots to offer, it's a winter wonderland out there. All winter photos are welcome, snow, landscapes, animals, details, anything snowy or wintry. I'll also cover ideas for shooting the winter landscape when you have no snow. In this lesson you will learn how to expose correctly for the snow and how to focus in falling snow. I'll get into the best camera settings to use and discuss the unique qualities of winter light and how to use them to improve your photos.

In this lesson you will learn how to expose for the snow and how to focus in falling snow.


  • Exposure - exposing for your subject, bracketing, exposure compensation
  • Shooting in a snow storm
  • Finding things to shoot when you have no snow
  • Focusing - auto-focus, manual focus
  • Camera settings
  • Preparation - staying warm and dry, you and your gear
  • How to protect your gear
  • Locations & Subjects - landscapes, ice patterns, snowmen, animals, decorations
  • Light - overcast, sunshine, reflective, soft, harsh, contrasty


  • You will receive a reminder email on the course start date when your lesson is ready. However please set yourself a reminder to check in on the start date as well just in case our email to you does not get through. Add info@learntotakephotos.com to your address book and/or safe senders list
  • This course includes one written lesson in PDF format consisting of our best photography tips, detailed instructions and a photo assignment.
  • You will have two weeks including two weekends to work on your assignment.
  • You can ask questions, post work in progress, ask for help or chat with your classmates or instructors as you work on your assignment. I am here to help and a lively discussion makes the class a richer experience for everyone.
  • After shooting the assignment you will upload your photos to the website by the due date and I will critique your photos and give you helpful advice and tips.



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